Festival Site Info

Red Clay Bluegrass Festival Site Information:

The Red Clay Bluegrass Festival takes place every year during August in Tignish, P.E.I. The festival is held in the Village on The West Prince Heritage Property, 171 Chiasson Road.

This site contains almost 27 acres and was built in 2006. It is considered one of the top festival grounds in Atlantic Canada. All buildings are new, from the state of the art stage, backstage music room, and sound booth, to the modern washrooms with hot and cold water including showers,  canteen, gate station and ways and means building.

The site also hosts close to 60 electrical hook-ups and a dump station, and overlooks a part of the Tignish River on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance on the other side.

For more info please call Judy Gavin (902)882-3111 or email  judy_gavin@hotmail.com  or Jeanette Harper (902)882-3028 or email jeanetteandjames@ hotmail.com


Gate Prices for 2017:

Due to illness there will be no barbecue supper provided. Chef Norman from the Galley will be here with his food cart & will provide delicious meals at reasonable prices. We will also have an ice cream cart here as well.

Three Day Pass-Fri-Sun       $45.00

Friday Night only                    15.00

Sat. all day pass                      25.00 each

Sat. after 5pm,                        15.00 each

Sat. & Sun pass                      35.00 each

Sunday only                           10.00 each

Open Mic on Thurs night         10.00 each ( featuring Two plus Three who will also host open mike)

Electrical Hook-up 2 days    35.00 per outlet

Dump Station                                   10.00 per RV

Early Bird site hookup                10.00 nightly

Early Bird Dry camping                 5.00 nightly( even if camper is left  on grounds)

No charge for children 12 years & under . All Children under 16 yrs must be accompanied by  an Adult.

All Admissions must be paid for upon entry to grounds.